Interested in studying abroad? Read Oliver's experience from studying in Australia!

Oliver in Australia: I appreciate different things in life now and know myself better than ever before

Oliver had a gap year in Denmark and decided to do something different that also could strengthen his opportunities when choosing his bachelor's after the year abroad. Oliver has an interest in business and therefore chose to have four courses in relation to that. Read more about Oliver's study abroad experience in Australia below! 


Oliver studying at the university of the sunshine coast

Name: Oliver
Age: 20
I study at: University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC) at The Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia
I study: a semester abroad during my gap year

My courses were:

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Introduction to Business
  • Introduction to Management
  • Principles of International Business

This gives me the opportunity to try various business courses and then figure out what I find most interesting and therefore, it might be easier to decide what my major should be. Also, the credits (ECTS-points) I earn here make sure I can skip some of the first-year classes in my upcoming bachelor degree.


Why I chose the University of the Sunshine Coast

I had many universities in mind when I had to choose a uni to send my application to, but I ended up applying to the University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC).

The reason why I chose USC is simply that they have a newer university with new technology, it’s a “small” university with only about 16.000 students, and it’s located on a wildlife reservation and close to the beaches. They offer a broad spectrum of courses and have many facilities that ensure you have everything you need for your studies.

Besides that, the university has a huge focus on international students to make sure they feel welcome and get the best possible start. They have orientation days for only international students, and right after a whole week for all students. This gives people the opportunity to meet new people and make long-life friendships.

Also, who doesn’t like the fact that kangaroos are jumping around on campus and hanging around while you're sitting in the grass and studying?

Kangaroos on campus in Australia while study abroad


How KILROY helped me with the study abroad

KILROY helped me with everything, and this semester in Australia would never have become reality without their help!

I emailed KILROY about my dream to go abroad for one semester, and one of KILROY’s study advisors told me about the differences between the countries I had in mind, as well as the cities. He helped me narrow down all the universities I was looking at, on the basis of my wishes and interests.

KILROY helped me with the whole enrollment process and choosing my courses - they did most of the paperwork for me as well, so I did not have to worry about any of that and could just keep my focus on the “fun part” (choosing courses, find events I wanted to attend, accommodation, etc.) Also, KILROY helped me sort out all the necessary insurance and flights.

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University of the sunshine coast


My accommodation in Australia

I live at Unicentral, which is a student accommodation, 2 minutes walk away from UniSC. I live here with 2 Australian girls and 1 Australian boy. Each has our own bedroom and bathroom, and we share the kitchen, living room, and laundry facilities.

Unicentral offers a lot of facilities like a pool, tennis court, basketball court, pavilion with billiard table, tennis table, TV, etc. and they are hosting social events. Besides the great environment at Unicentral, they have 24/7 security to make students feel safe and a reception that helps out with questions people might have, also; packages are delivered to the reception.

Oliver with friends at whitsundays


The best thing about studying abroad

There are many good things about studying abroad, and if I should highlight some of them they would be the experience of living in another culture and environment, meeting people from all around the world, which has led to life-long friendships, and also crossing my boundaries and expand my “horizon”.

Living in Australia and being a part of their culture and way of living, have changed many things about myself and given me loads of things I can bring back to Denmark. Australia is such an outgoing nation and laid back, which I have really enjoyed.

Meeting people from all around the world I can visit in the future, and even making use of the network I have built up here, is such a priceless opportunity to have. Also, my own boundaries have been crossed and expanded, the things I appreciate in life have changed and I know myself better than ever before.

When studying abroad, you also have the opportunity to travel and get to experience other parts of Australia. I made sure that I wasn’t falling behind in classes and therefore had a lot of time to travel. Travelling with people from other parts of the world is so different from what I’ve been used to, and I really enjoyed it - it was so much fun.

Oliver on study abroad in australia


My advice to future international students

My advice for future students would be to consider what’s most important for you when it comes to studying: do you prefer living in a big city and the city vibe? Do you enjoy a laid-back area, wildlife & nature, many beaches, and more like the vacation vibe? Also, consider what you expect from the university and the effort they make for international students.

I am definitely grateful for my time here, for all the people I have met, the friends I’ve got for the rest of my life, and the experiences when exploring this amazing continent.

UniSC was just right for me; I enjoyed all the opportunities the Sunshine Coast had to offer and UniSC’s effort for international students was appreciated. I will recommend UniSC to everyone who likes the summer vacation vibe.

Cheers, Oliver

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