As an ISIC benefit partner you have the opportunity to increase the exposure of you brand or product across a number of platforms.

Online - Global:
As an ISIC benefit partner you will be promoted for free at the global ISIC platforms which means the ISIC app and the global ISIC website ( By doing this your brand or product will be promoted to every ISIC cardholder in the world.

Online – Local:
As an addition to the global promotion we offer our ISIC benefit partners to strengthen their local exposure and thereby increase traffic and product sales. Since it is our responsibility to promote ISIC across 6 markets (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands) we have the opportunity to offer your brand or product “local” exposure in all of these markets.

ISIC Norway can also offer a selected range of benefit partners to participate in our annual offline activities.

Each year we run a back-to-school campaign where we visit campus grounds all over the country. These events are always a lot of fun and we spice them up with competitions - benefit partners participating in these event always contributed with products for competitions.

ISIC brochure
The ISIC brochure is distributed as part of all our offline activities and we do this across all our markets.

As an ISIC benefit partner you will have the opportunity to participate in these activities.


Please contact us for further information and prices at [email protected].