Meet our partner Pengehjelpen and find out how they can help you manage your student budget!

Meet our partners: Pengehjelpen

We at ISIC want you to enjoy your student life to the fullest, and are committed to bringing you the best offers when it comes to student life home and abroad. Budgeting, finances and savings are something all students struggle with during their studies. Juggling between your income, student loans, side jobs and vital expenses can be tricky. That's why we've partnered with Pengehjelpen - to give you the financial advice and help you need to balance our student budget throughout your studies and after graduation.

Who is Pengehjelpen?

Pengehjelpen is an independent financial advisor. The advisors at Pengehjelpen each have at least 10 years of experience in banking and finance. With Pengehjelpen, you get a personal financial advisor to help you navigate your personal finances.


What financial problems do students and young people often face?

In the beginning phase of adult life it can be challenging to have a complete control and overview of your finances and make plans for the future. Many start receiving their first bills and might have loans or a part-time job, and might not have someone to discuss their finances with.

Personal finance is a complicated and comprehensive topic, and there might be specific issues to take into account based on your situation.


How can Pengehjelpen help students?

Finances can be a personal issue, with many variations in the needs one might have. Your financial situation could be simple and easily managed or contain some more complicated factors – either way, Pengehjelpen is here to help.

In many cases, help to set up a budget or to get a better overview of your situation and possibilities could be a good start. You might also want to start planning for the future. Do you want to purchase your first home? Do you have any dreams or goals? Your advisor is here to discuss your needs.


Your greetings to ISIC students:

You are welcome to try our services! We look forward to work with you on your finances.