Boost your CV with these tips and enhance your working life skills!

Boost your CV while studying

Does your CV need a little boost? A strong CV is not only going to help you land your dream job in the future; it's also a great asset if you are applying to study or for an internship. What can you do to build a strong CV while studying? We've listed some tips and tricks for you, so check them out and start building a strong CV! 

Volunteer work 

Doing volunteer work is a great addition to your working history for many reason. Firstly, it shows your passion, interests and willingness to invest your time to causes important to you to your future employer/school. Secondly, it will help you realize what motivates you and help you grow as a person. It will also give you some insight to working life and possibly also guide you on what you want to do for a living. There are hundreds of volunteer work programs available; why not check out our article about volunteering abroad here?

Language courses and schools

Taking a language course abroad or attending a language school is also a good addition to your expertise on your CV, especially if you are interested in language studies, studying on another language or working in an international environment. There's all sorts of language courses and schools to choose from, from brief 1-week courses to courses lasting a summer or an entire term, but every little helps to boost your CV and show your skills. Language courses will of course improve your language skills, but also show your interest and, as with volunteer work, ability to invest time and effort in self-improvement. 

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A part-time student job

Stating the obvious, but a part-time job while you are still studying is an excellent way to build your CV. Especially, if you are applying to study a field from which you already have working experience, you will be ahead of applicants who don't have that experience. Landing a job in a field you want to study will also give you insight if this field of study is the right one for you. As landing a part-time job in your dream profession is hard, we'd like to point out that part-time job while studying is beneficial and relevant even if it is not related to your field of study. A part-time job shows your commitment to work, gives you experience on working life in general, and also of course helps you keep your student budget afloat. 


Go out and explore the world! Travelling is a great experience that will help you become more independent and also see and respect other cultures and ways of life. Meaningful travelling can also be a great asset in your CV. If you went out to the world to invest in yourself and learn more about this world we live in, your future employer will not think you used your time poorly. Travelling requires planning, maintaining a budget and realizing and coming to terms with your abilities and limitations, all of which are vital skills in working life. 

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Additional courses and working life skills

If you've already got everything we mentioned above covered, and still wish to give your CV a bit more boost, why not take some additional online courses to boost and prove your working life skills? There are many providers for online courses, often free or with a small fee to introduce you to development, marketing, data analysis and many other fields, and sometimes you can study entire diplomas and certificates online. Check out

to enhance your skills in your dream field!