To experience adventures no need to travel far! Check out ISIC's tips on how to travel affordable nearby.

Adventures to experience nearby

Near, far, wherever you are, with ISIC student discounts on different ways of transport you travel more affordable! We listed a few discounts on travel, to make it easier for you to scout the best options to use at your adventures. Always remember to check out the ISIC App while on the go, since there are multiple student discounts on traveling despite your location! 


Adventures in Norway

To experience adventures no need to leave the country! Explore Norway and ride the railways with an ISIC student discountWhether you want to explore the beautiful fjords or chase the northern lights in Bodø, the ISIC card gives you access to student discounts on train travel with VY! Where are you heading next?

With Bussekspress, you travel easily and affordably. Luckily, NOR-WAY Bussekspress offer bus routes that will take you to some of Norway’s biggest tourist attractions – as well as to some of the rather undiscovered ones. Whether you are on your way to a festival, or having a city trip, hop on a bus and enjoy the ride with an ISIC student discount on your ticket!

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Explore the Nordics 

How about experiencing the Scandinavian capitals? Students travel affordable with SJ in the neighboring countries! Enjoy the beautiful train routes of Sweden, and explore the unspoiled countryside, mountains, lakes, and Scandinavian capitals. With SJ, you can get all the way from Oslo to Stockholm and Copenhagen. With ISIC you get a 15% student discount on all SJ routes on standard ticket fares in 2nd class. 

Riding an overnight train is an unforgettable experience. Take the time to travel slow, and book your tickets onboard the Snälltåget - the night train from Stockholm to Berlin! The young vibe of Berlin attracts students from all over the world. With your ISIC card, you enjoy a 25% student discount on your ticket. The city is full of culture, and history with a lively clubbing scene, not to mention all the fabulous food!

Road trips are a great way to explore, as you get the freedom to visit any place at any time, according to your own timetables. Road trips also allow you to stop at interesting places along the way, and you are likely to find hidden gems while traveling. Stay on the road as long as you like, plan your route or go with the flow. The possibilities are endless! If a road trip is your choice, luckily, you can save up to 8% on your car rental with ISIC and rent a car in over 150 countries at Discover Cars.

Road trips with ISIC discount


Travel in Europe 

Europe is a highly satisfying student travel destination even if you are an experienced globe-trotter. Distances are short, there are a dozen buzzing big cities, incredible history and stunning nature... The only problem in Europe is that there's simply too much to see and do! Luckily, with a ferry, you can squeeze in multiple destinations by including a sea journey to your travel itinerary. Use the ferry in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Latvia, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, and France with a student discount. Hop on a ferry with Stena Line, they offer for ISIC holders a discount of up to 10% on ferry tickets to and from various popular destinations in Europe. You can also include your bike, car, or motorbike on board.

Stena Line route in Europe

On your way to Sweden or Germany? You can get easily from Trelleborg to Rostock or Travemunde with TT-Line! All the cities work great as a pass-by location, but are also definitely worth visiting. Experience a whiff of the old times in Rostock, or see the oldest lighthouse in Germany in Travemunde! Trelleborg, for its part, is a place where you can enjoy the Scandinavian summer day on a beach at the Baltic Sea, especially when the southernmost point of Sweden is located nearby. With TT-Line, you get a 10% student discount on several tariffs with ISIC. 

Interrail around Europe

Travel around Europe via railways. When you are 27-year-old, or younger, you can save up to 25% on train travel in Europe! Eat gelato in Italy, see the Eiffel Tower of Paris, and ride the scenic mountain railways of Switzerland for instance. Europe is the best destination for students, as it's easily accessible, relatively affordable and there is plenty to see and do! See all you need to know about Interrail here.

Train discounts with ISIC


Island hopping in Greece  

Island hopping in Greece is amazing journey, in which you can experience all the gems at once! Santorini and Mykonos are enjoying the cult reputation and are defenitely worth a visit, however, pretty pricy for a student's wallet. There are plenty to choose from, but Ios, Naxos, Paros among multiple other islands are more affordable and less busy. Check out the ISIC App to enjoy up to 50% student discount on multiple ferries in Greece!

Balkan awaits 

Slovenia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia-Hertzegovina.. Balkan has so much to offer and more! Stunning nature, rivers to raft, sympathetic villages, friendly locals, and affordable prices! If you are keen on an adventurous trip in less tourist surroundings, Balkan is something for you. Get there easily by using the Interrail pass, have a road trip with friends, or fly to save time. More information and help for planning your trip you'll find at KILROY.