Join the Northern Lights Safari with Pæskatun in Alta, and enjoy a 10 % student discount on the tour with your ISIC card!

Student discount on Northern Lights Safari in Alta

By showing your ISIC student-id you will get a 10 % student discount on Pæskatun Northern Lights Safari! 

Pæskatun want to share with you their fascination for the amazing and mythical Northern Lights and the overwhelming dark winter sky filled with countless stars.

Leave behind the artificial lights from town in the hunt of the clearest skies and best locations to see the Northern Lights. Pæskatun uses the weather forecast and their specific knowledge about the topography surrounding Alta, to find the best location. To make sure that you feel comfortable during the trip, you can lend thermal dresses, warm winter boots, hats and gloves for free. The local and experienced guides will explain the history and science behind the Northern Lights. They even help taking pictures and portraits – the best pictures will be sent to you by e-mail.

The duration can vary, depending on how early the Northern Lights appears and how far you need to drive to find the phenomenon. The main goal is that YOU see the Northern Lights, and to provide you the most unique experience in the Arctic Region.

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By showing your ISIC student-id you will get 10 % off our Northern Lights Safari 
Minimum 2 students! Travelling alone? Call us, there might be seats available!

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